Ronny Delrue. Sculptures of Stones - Cahier 1


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HOPPER&FUCHS and Ronny Delrue are happy to present in Kortrijk the new book ​'Sculptures of Stones - Cahier 1', depicting seventy-five recent drawings from the series Sculptures of Stones in a very faithful and tactile way.

During the event, Jan Leysen will engage into conversation with the artist, the publisher and the public on the drawings and the meaning of the title Sculptures of Stones, and on why and how the book was created and shaped.

The artist's video 'Ronny Delrue: Archive of thoughts, 2.4.2022, 15:25' will also be shown.

After the talk, you will have ample opportunity to discover the book and the artist will be glad to personalise your book.

Further reading on the artist Ronny Delrue:

[Bruzz] Ronny Delrue: Un pied dans l'atelier, un pied dans la vie.

Date & Time
October 23, 2022
11:00 AM 4:00 PM Europe/Brussels


Blekersstraat 1
8500 Kortrijk
--PAND 00X--
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