Flora Miranda. I am digital

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    Language: English
    Cover: Hardcover


    ‘I Am Digital’ takes you on an intimate journey through Flora Miranda’s extraterrestrial world of phygital identities. Explore technological storytelling, artistic haute couture creations and visions for creative fashion software. In the book, the multitude of Flora Miranda’s work unfolds in different subject areas. Enjoy a beautiful outsight of an immaterial world, an immaterial self.

    Flora Miranda’s fascination with the simultaneous evolution of human behaviour and new technologies has its origins in her upbringing: born in a family of musicians and artists, she learned how painters helped their eyes with the camera obscura and photography. She saw musical instruments tweaked, like the prepared piano by John Cage. 

    Experiencing the shift in the digital world with home computers and the internet, the ‘digital’ became her attitude to life. Expressing, shaping, and exploring this further evolving digital identity is the role of Flora Miranda’s creations.

    This book is your companion to navigate through bits and bytes. To feel strong in a jungle of hackers. It can inspire you to take things into your own hand – may it be a change of perspective on the world, may it be transformative, may it support projects you believe in, or may it help to build your own world.

    Texts by Flora Miranda, Annelies Desmet, Antonia Seierl, Alec Empire, Katharina Van Sand and Karl Baier and more.

    Images by Ronald Stoops, Laetitia Bica, Bohdan Bohdanov, Carlota Guerrera, Athos Burez and more.

    Design by Tim Peters

    ISBN: 9789464002195
    • 285 x 245 x 30 mm portrait
    • 352 pages