( Sehr Langsam ). Lieven Lefere

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    The monograph ( Sehr Langsam ) on the work of Lieven Lefere. 

    Lieven Lefere (°1978, Roeselare) is an artist who plays with the complex relationship between the photographic image and reality.

    Lefere works extremely meticulously, in a particularly slow process. He carefully manipulates all the parameters that make a photo what it is. The process often starts months before the photo is taken. He starts from an extensive research, with a multitude of reference points. Sometimes he builds sets and scenes himself from that research or from his memories. He constructs his images with scale and framing, models the space, makes models, chooses the incidence of light. The sets disappear or become a spatial part of the work.

    ISBN: 9789464002454

    24 x 30 cm
    160 pagina’s
    Softcover met wikkel (3 variaties)
    Vormgeving: David Boon
    Teksten: Frederik Le Roy, Martin Smith en Tim Vanheers

    We would like to invite you to the book launch at Ter Posterie (Ooststraat 35, 8800 Roeselare) on Thursday 20 June from 7pm

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