Amélie Bouvier



Softcover, 325 x 240 mm portrait, 164 pages, Multilingual: English/French

"Staring Into the Night is a book that brings together Amélie Bouvier's research and artistic work inspired by astronomical stories and the history of sky observation, from the late 19th century to the present day. Amélie was particularly interested in the collection of astronomical photographic glass plates at Harvard College Observatory in the United States, which she was able to visit in 2019: its contents have fueled her imagination for the past five years and form the basis of her latest projects, which explore the history of observation, our link to representation and scientific imagery, and the issues that shape our collective memory and heritage.

By placing the focus of her research on astronomy and its history, Amélie Bouvier's work aims to highlight our contemporary relationship with the narratives that emerge from scientific technologies and our need to represent them. Through drawing, installation, video, and objects, Amélie draws on facts and stories to understand the malleability of reality through the fascinating evolution of astronomical aesthetics. Through narratives filled with antonyms, her work attempts to respond to the human desire for knowledge through representation.