Anniek Snoeijs 


Paperback, 165 x 230 mm portrait, 0,24kg, 96p, Swiss Binding, English

"Sexual transgressive behavior is a major social problem anywhere in the world and one that is terribly taboo. I had to deal with such a traumatic experience myself. For 7 years I did not dare to talk about it. Through making this book, I managed to talk about this experience more easily. 'Bloom' contains photos of my own healing process. The pictures show feelings I was dealing with throughout the process. The dark photos represent the somber and difficult moments and the light photos represent hope and healing.

My book also shows 11 portraits of women who had to deal with sexual transgressive behavior too. Some of the women wanted to share their story in the book. The unidentifiable portraits depict the taboo surrounding this subject as where the plain portraits show strength and courage. All the women who participated in this project played an incredibly important role in my healing process. Because of this, I have found hope and strength again."