Emptiness as antidote

Rejected books, newspapers, magazines and files, transformed into visual archives expressing information overload.

Books and newspapers are cut into horizontal stripes, pressed and glued into a whole with exactly the same format as the original. Denmark refers to this transformation as a dead letter, because only traces of the text remain on the surface.

Cut books, magazines or newspapers, compressed, riveted, clamped, or screwed, between pieces of wood or other material.

Discarded archives are made unreadable and transformed into new ones. Not to be consulted, but rather to be observed. To force the viewer to pause and reflect.


Denmark is a Belgian visual artist and installation artist (°1950). In his work he creates visual archives and wherein he questions the mass production of printed paper in the media landscape and the the overload of information that comes from it. Rejected books, newspapers, magazines and files are his working material transformed into visual archives.

Denmark lives and works in Prouvy (BE).