Grafisch werk - Printmaking 

Roger Wittevrongel



Hardcover, 245 x 315 mm portrait, 160 pages, Multilingual: English/Dutch

Roger Wittevrongel (born in Blankenberge, Belgium, 1933) is commonly considered an exponent of hyperrealism, a style of painting typical of the 20th century American and European art that typically takes photographs as its source material. Axiomatic in that art movement is the clear and instant recognisability of what is painted, next to the immense impact of photography in the way reality is perceived.

By completely eliminating all signifying context, Wittevrongel manages magically to disappear and thus to steer clear of all moralzing comments and of social commitment issues. What Wittevrongel intends to create, is an autonomous world of forms in which the ever-deceitful interplay between reality and its depiction is utterly bracketed out.

For Wittevrongel, it is the paltry and the spare, at times even wretchedly banal, that receive full attention. What hits the retina is what you get. Rathprophilous obsession with dung-eating and ordure-gathering, there is the stronger than the anatomist's dissecting quests for comprehensiveness or the coprophilous obsession with dung-eating or ordure-gathering, there is the strong and patent conviction that poetry resides, not in lofty thought and deep sentiment but in the exiguous details of everyday life which we had often rather not see.