Arpaïs Du Bois. Feue la Joyeuseté

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    Language: Multilingual: English/Dutch/French
    Cover: Hardcover


    In a soft voice, almost a whisper in the noise of the world. A soft voice that tells of time standing still, of wanderings of the soul, of trials of the heart. And about the impending thunder or the breeze that makes the canopy sway. A soft voice in which the suspicion of death roars as fiercely as the vibrant hopes of everyday life. Anyone willing to listen to it will hear all this in the sentences of Arpaïs Du Bois. For this 'secret' artist writes words, loose thoughts or snippets of text on sheets of paper that still shiver from the colours they have drawn. No beautiful poems or heroic stories here. The power of these words lies in something quite different.
    How do you draw with and against language?

    ISBN: 9789464002034