Clémentine Balcaen. THANKYOU BYE

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    Five years of modeling, over 370 images, and 416 pages later, THANK YOU BYE presents an intimate diarybook of a model's life in photographs.
    "THANK YOU BYE was born out of a need to put down somewhere what I have experienced over the last five years. Although it gives the impression of a veil being lifted, it is simply a record of my personal experience. The intention, through these hundreds of photos, is to transcribe the absurd, crazy, and little-known world of modeling, by means of an unpublished souvenir album of my time spent in fashion. The result is THANK YOU BYE, which owes its name to the phrase uttered by casting directors every time you walk in front of them. It recounts my moments of sadness, my anxieties, my unease, and my questions, but also our laughter, our travels, our bonds, and our mutual support. Five years during which I fought not to lose myself. Thrown at the age of 18, at a speed I found hard to manage into a dimension that was not my own, I embrace all the models who ‘pose’ in this book and who, without realising it, helped me to escape. What you hold in your hands is none other than the last chance to prove that I was still worth something. When you turn the last page, you’ll know that I’ve resigned and can finally say that I’m happy."

    • a unique and intimate, behind-the-scenes, first-hand testimony of the fashion world viewed from the eyes of a fashion model
    • an index of terminology used in the modeling industry
    • a visual narrative and diary
    • contemporary photography
    • snap-shot photography 
    • diarybook / scrapbook presented in the form of a photobook

    ISBN: 9789464002317

    500 copies, 416 pages, 16 x 11.7 cm, softback