Isabel Pousset. My true love story

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    Language: Multilingual: English/Dutch
    Cover: Loose Leaf


     "My true lovestory is a search book of 7 loves +1, a messy account of a sneak-stealer with a beating heart.
    Everyone is afraid of love, especially the love to come. Rightly so! Being 'A Find' is not easy. For what if no one sees you? What if no one recognises you! And afterwards! If someone finds out that you want to move all your pathetic furniture!  The glass cabinet with who you really are. Looking for love is not safe.
    Flip through My true lovestory. Look again! Who's who, and why? And how many plates were on the table, in the morning still? Because sometimes visitors stay overnight. Sometimes they say the wrong things, way too bold or way too tacky or too rushed.
    My true lovestory is a raging tale since failure lurks, at the same time as giggles at dusk. But above all, it's none of your business! The apps in this paper finding are intended for someone else.
    All right then, you may read them, if you can, if you dare. What kind of detective are you? The one with a smelly mackintosh? Or the one with a nose for pollen and prickly lemonade. What do you look for in love? Because My true lovestory is also about you."

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    ISBN: 9789464002126