Marleen Daniëls. Sarajevo to Paris

Hardcover, 27.6 x 21.7 x 5.8 cm, 820 pages, 2.5kg

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    Language: English
    Cover: Hardcover


    It was during the war in the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the siege of Sarajevo that I matured in documentary photography, fortunately without being injured.

    Thirty years later, when looking back, those two worlds — documentary and fashion — still define my work. Both are equally represented in my archives.

    This book, of my fashion work, is the first to be published. I called it Sarajevo to Paris because sometimes I would travel directly from one to the other. These two cities had a big impact on my life.

    Marleen Daniëls, May 2021

    ISBN: 9789077207925

    Sarajevo to Paris, fashion or reportage, deciding on the title of a book is mind-boggling. I call myself a documentary photographer that accidentally ended up doing fashion.

    The end of the '80s was an interesting and intense time in world history, and a particularly creative time in the world of fashion. As a young female photographer I was interested in both worlds. I was travelling for newspapers and magazines to the fashion weeks in Milan and Paris and to the conflict zones of Lebanon and Iraq.