Lara Gasparotto. Refuge

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    Expenditure, loss, oblivion, inversion. That's what it's all about. The mists of the aftermath of of a trip or a party. But as the images unfold, something else emerges. Questions emerge. Who takes care of us? What are the gestures, the materials or the shadows that protect us? As if in search of a new ethic, using her own means, her camera, chalk, paper and tracing paper, Lara traces paths, lines and makes choices. choices. In the folds of the sheets, the ears of wheat, the curtains of rain. Nature in all its forms. Skin, hair, stone. Lara plays with the border, blending the human with her Other, showing the care that emerges from one side to the other. Far from injunctions and lessons, she tells her story. She draws, she highlights the invisible links that weave themselves from one end of our worlds to the other. In chalk on the faces and arms of those she loves, she adds the shadows of trees that will soon be gone shadows of trees that will soon no longer exist, the lights of suns that may not yet be shining. She echoes, she speaks to us of ourselves, of our disappearing worlds, but also of the possibility of creating new ones. the possibility of creating new ones. And, above all, of the beauty that lives or survives amidst the rubble. - by Eva Mancuso

    ISBN: 9789464002386

    240 pages
    printed on Munken Lynx 
    Hardback with linen cover and black hot foil illustration
    Edition of 750 copies
    Published July 2024
    Graphic Design by Lara Gasparotto and David Boon
    Cover illustration by Lissa Gasparotto
    Text by Mancuso